interview with Ballack

bukan.bukan gw yang menginterview dia. kalo gw beneran, udah tereak2 kali gw sekarang.yang interview orang laen. gw cuma memberi komentar saja sebagai fans yang baik.hehe

di bawah ini adalah cuplikan2 dari beberapa interview Michael Ballack dengan beberapa majalah Jerman. interview tersebut ditranslate sama salah seorang fans Ballack juga dan dia posting terjemahannya di websitenya Ballack. lebih lengkapnya klik di sini


with german newspaper ‘Zeit’

Goose or carp on christmas?
Ballack:’Goose on the first christmas day,rabbit on the second.’

euh… dia makan kelinci ama angsa. jadi ilfeel

Were you very desperated during the last 7 months?
Ballack:’Yes,at the beginning.I thought the injury will dure 3 or 4 weeks.But then it became more and more complicated.At first one operation,then the second.No doctor could tell me exactly,what was going on.I always was convinced that I will come back again.I had 1000 questions,but I didn’t get any answers.I thought:You are 31.You had 14 good years as a professional football player.Was that all?’

bukan kamu aja yang desperate, cinta. gw juga!!! stress tauk nungguin lo maen

Do you get new friends during this difficult time?

Ballack:’Yes,with Andrej Chevchenko.We have a close relationship,which will endure,also we aren’t professional players anymore.We often are going into restaurants for eating.Our partners like each other.’

You and Sheva were beginning at Chelsea at the same time.
Ballack:’Yes,and we are sitting together in the team bus

berasa nemuin temen seperjuangan ya, mas? bagus deh. akrab2 aja ama si sheva.

What is typical for Chelsea in comparation with FC Bayern?
Ballack:’At FC Bayern we were playing cards.I’m missing that very much.At Chelsea we are playing playstation.5 vs.5.It’s a great mood.’

jangan2 di bayern si ballack maen cap sa! hahaha. trus di inggris maen WE. waduh

You are regarded as a brillant joke maker.Are you able to tell the jokes now in english?
Ballack:’Yes,but the best jokes you can’t translate into german.’

gw baru tau dia demen bercanda. tadinya gw pikir dia tuh terlalu serius. abis tiap interview selalu serius, jarang ketawa2 gitu . tapi bagus deh. gw suka cwo yang punya selera humor

Are your children speaking a better english than you?
Ballack:’Not yet.But it’s going on very fast.There are many words,they are learning in kindergarten or school.Then I’m asking them:What does that mean?
Then they are laughing and laughing!’

kasian kau ballack. diketawain anak sendiri

Who is knowing you to 100%?
Ballack:’100%?? Probably nobody.But there are football player colleagues,like Bernd Schneider,I know him since our common time in Leverkusen,I’m talking with him about all things,I’m interested in.He’s visiting me in London together with his family.We spend our holidays together.I know,that he keeps all things secret,we are talking about.’

tapi bukan berarti kamu bakal pindah ke real madrid kan??

What was the most beautiful compliment you got ever?
Ballack:’My son Louis came to me half a year ago and he said:Dad,you are the best football player of the world.’

sumpah. itu so sweet banget. gw terharu


ini wawancara lain ama german magazine ‘sportbild’

Were you afraid of a possible end of your career?
Ballack:’Sometimes I was making thoughts,when I had no progress for months and sometimes even steps back.Then I asked to myself:Is it all over now?But I’m the kind of man ,who would say then:Okay,you had so many wonderful years.The world wouldn’t had broken down for me.I’m 31 years old and I have a basis with my family in the life.At the age of only 20,for example,it would had been quite different.

ini belum berakhir. masih ada WC2010.

Under coach Mourinho you were in the first 11.Are you afraid of disadvantages because of the new coach?
Ballack:’No.Everybody,who knows me,knows,that I have enough self confidence and self consciousness to succeed and to get my way.’ ballack pede banget

Will you take part at the world cup 2010 in South Africa?
Ballack:’I have now made a long injury pause,therefore I’m very motivated concerning W.C.2010.The world cup is in my view,quite clear.’

And after the W.C.?
Ballack:’Then I will decide to play one or two years longer or not!’

asik. ballack jangan cepet2 pensiun. aku masih ingin melihatmu lebih lama lagi


ini dari majalah laen lagi . di german football magazine ‘Kicker’

Kicker:’Was your come back last wednesday at Carling cup vs.Liverpool a pre time christmas present for you?’
Ballack:’Yes,you can say so.It was really an emotional moment,when you can play again after such a long pause for the first time.The spectators have cheered,the team colleagues have embraced me after the match.Then I noticed:I’m back again.It was a great feeling and a big motivation for me for the future.I’m seeing again light at the end of the tunnel,but I know,there’s still a lot of work for me.’

yeah.. gw juga seneng dia udah maen lagi. ampe jamuran nungguinnya

Kicker:’Last summer Real Madrid was interested in you.’
Ballack:’I have read that,yes.But I didn’t deal with that.I was injured.I had other problems.I have a contract with Chelsea.It was no topic,no theme for me.’

asik.asik.itu berarti dia bakal setia di chelsea!

Kicker:’Last question:How are you celebrating christmas?’
Ballack:’I think,like other families,too:My partner has decorated the christmas tree.We will celebrate with the three children and our family,we will sing christmas carols,then the christmas presents.At the first christmas day we are eating goose.At the second christmas day we are playing vs.Aston Villa.I hope,I‘ll be in the first 11.’


that’s it

senang rasanya melihat dia kembali lagi. oh ya, thanx buat HansD dari websitenya ballack yang udah nerjemahin ini smua!

btw, he scored at aston villa game!


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