compliments for david cook…

here i post quotes from several blogs and website about david cook’s performance in top 12 week…

“David Cook came out and blew the roof off with yet ANOTHER modernization of an old tune. He turned a Beatles classic into an Alternative-Rock masterpiece. And let me say, since we’re supposed to compare him to Chris Daughtry, David Cook definitely has found better use of his Mic Stand than Chris did for his….”

~AI Addicts

“For weeks I’ve been declaring this competition as the Battle of the Davids. But so far, David Cook is winning. Taking a risk in changing the arrangement of his song, just like his predecessors Chikezie and Carly, Cook saw it all pay off…overall he rocked it out! Once the song picked up, you could see him gain confidence. It was fun watching him keep his winning streak alive, and surprising to see him actually smile after it was over!”

Move over Daughtry, there’s a new rocker in town and his name is David Cook. His version of “Eleanor Rigby” sent chills up and down my spine and straight into my soul. This was a much better vocal performance than John Lennon’s original. I really felt an emotional connection when he sang, “look at all the lonely people.” Another iTunes must-download.”

“…but the one contestant who commanded my attention better than Carly was David Cook. The former barkeep took that stage with unwavering confidence, and instantly made me feel like I was watching him in a solo concert rather than in a televised singing competition. And this is just week one of the finals.

Ah, David Cook. The male rocker was the only Idol contestant I saw give the
singer before him (Carly) a big ol’ congratulatory hug, and he was the only
one to leave the stage to meet up with a member of his entourage (i.e. the
guy in the green shirt and dark-rimmed glasses, who I reckon is his brother)
and get a big ol’ congratulatory hug. That family reunion was presaged by a
quick, but telling, moment: Just after Ryan delivered David Cook’s 866
number and took us to the break, Cook looked out over the audience, clasped
his hand to his mouth, and his eyes briefly welled up with tears. You expect
that sort of sentiment from a sweetheart like Brooke White, but out of Cook,
well, let’s say the guy surprised me last night in more ways than one.”

– Entertainment Weekly, Popwatch

quote’s taken from

wiiii…i’m so happy because he’s brilliant
and i think america loves him…

so, if there’s american people who read my blog (hahaha…it seems so impossible), please please please vote for david cook!!!

(i write this post in english so american people can read it.hahaha)



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