sedikit sombong…katanya boleh.

beberapa waktu yang lalu gwgak sengaja nonton spongebob

di situ si plankton sedang berusaha mengajari spongebob untuk sombong

kata plankton, sombong itu gpp.

jadi…gw mw ikutin nasehatnya si plankton.

sedikit aja gakpapa kan?? hehehe

jadi gw mw posting tugas writing english gw.

fyi, guru bahasa inggris gw, miss yuli, selalu ngasih tugas writing dalam berbagai genre.

yang mw gw posting di sini adalah tulisan gw dengan genre ‘review’

kenapa gw posting…?karena gw dapet 90!!!

hahaha. nilai 90 itu nilai yang sangat jarang buat tugas writing dari miss yuli dan gw baru pertama kali juga dapet nilai segini tinggi selama gw diajar dia 3 taon

so…sedikit sombong tak apa ya…

(mm, bbrp grammar masih ngaco.ntar gw benerin lagi d)







I loved to watch reality show. One of my favorite reality shows is The Amazing Race. It was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The director was Bertram van Munster and it’s hosted by Phil Keoghan. It’s produced in U.S. but it aired in many countries, including Indonesia (in cable TV)

The Amazing Race is a reality show that unites brain, strength, and luck. The contestants are 11 teams. Each team consists of 2 persons with any relationship. The relation ship can be boyfriend and girlfriend, married couple, sibling, friends, parent and child, or anything. There was a team that consists of gay couple too. The contestants have to make their way to places which is told in the clue. In the end of every episode, there is a pit stop. The contestants have to come to the pit stop as fast as they can or they may be eliminated. The first team who come first to the final destination in final episode will receive 1 million dollar.

Interpretative Recount


In every episode, there are tasks which have to be done by every contestant. There are detour, road block, and intersection. Detour is a task between two choices. Teams have to choose which task they want to do. Each task has its own profits and consequences. Road block is a task that only can be done by one of the team member. In intersection, the teams have to unite with the other team for a moment. Intersections usually become an interesting part because there are clashes between every team.

In every season, there are unique and notable moments, for example, in season 3. In final destination, there were two teams who raced to the podium. And finally, the winning team defeated the other team just in 3 seconds. The other notable moment was in season 5. In final destination, Freddy proposed Kendra, his team mate and girlfriend when they won 1 million dollar. Personally, I consider that moment was the most romantic moment in this show.



What I love the most about The Amazing Race is the unique idea. It has reached its twelfth season but I never get bored. In every season, it always serves new country, new task, new regulation, even new relationship between the contestants. For example, there was a team that consists of a 68-years-old grandfather with his 23-years-old grandson in its latest season.



In my view, The Amazing Race teaches us about lessons of life. In every episode, there are difficult tasks and sometimes some of the contestants want to give up. But, giving up won’t solve the problem so they have to finish the task. Other lesson of life is about the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, married couple, sibling, friends, or parent and child. In the show, we can see them when they mad at each others and shout but, deepest in their heart, they still love each other. That’s the best thing in this show.

Two thumbs up for Jerry Bruckheimer and Bertram van Munster who can mix all the idea to become one interesting and entertaining reality show. We can instantly hate a contestant because he/she easily get angry. The romantic moments between couple also can touch our heart.

But sometimes the contestants intend to use inappropriate words when they get angry. I’m afraid that this scene isn’t good for children.

There is another version of The Amazing Race which the contestants come from Asia. It’s called The Amazing Race Asia. But from my point of view, The Amazing Race Asia is not as good as the original version of The Amazing Race because it seldom gives us surprises, so I easily get bored.




Overall, The Amazing Race is a terrific reality show. It is entertaining, it can teach us about lessons of life, and it also touches our heart. I’d just like to say that everyone have to watch it. It’s fantastic!


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