top 11 week-American Idol

So..start from now, I’ll make review about each american idol’s episode

Hope you like it..!!


So, now after said good bye for David Hernandez last week, the rest of the contestants have to face another Beatles theme. Yes, they repeat the theme again. Pretty lame, that’s what i thought.

So, Simon became a little rough to the contestants. Overall, he only gave good comments to two contestants. They’re David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado.

But, in my opinion, all the contestants had done their best. The problem is American idol repeat the same theme. So people expect a better performance than their last week extraordinary performances.

For David archuleta and Syesha, that’s an easy thing. They’re so bad last week, so whatever they did this week will look better than last week.

For The contestants who did brilliant last week, like david cook, brooke white, and carly smithson, that’ll be so hard.Last week, they’re so memorable. This week, when their performance not as good as last week, simon became so cynical.

I don’t think Brooke’s “Here comes the sun” is that bad. I admit that she did an awkward thing by dancing at the stage. But she smiled during the song and that makes people smile too and enjoy the performance.

Jason castro wasn’t too bad too. His voice was great and he did an unique thing by doing the french phrase. His goofy behavior made people laugh and we enjoyed it.

I just can’t discover what’s in simon’s mind. He always expect the contestants do something “wow”

But, in my opinion, what jason castro and michael johns did, was inspiring. They don’t need to be brilliant-extraordinary thing to touch the audience. Jason’s goofiness, David cook’s smile, david archuleta’s laugh can make people happy.


Umm, that’s all my review for this week. It may be don’t fulfill ‘what’s in a review’ in my lesson book but i hope all of you can take my opinion. And i write it in English so I can practice my bad English.

I’m sorry if there’re so many mistakes in this review…



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