Well, happy birthday…

to me.

From today, i’m an eighteen girl (ato woman ya? gk tau deh)

Jujur aja, gw gak niat2 amat menyambut hari ini. dan hari ini pun berjalan biasa2 aja

yang bisa membuktikan bahwa hari ini adalah hari di mana gw mulai berumur 18 tahun hanyalah ucapan dari temen2 dan orang terdekat gw.

there’s no cake

there’s no candle

there’s no gift

it’s not my worst birthday

it’s the strangest ever.

but i’m happy.

apalagi waktu ngeliat profile friendster gw, di mana gw baru ganti primary foto.

gw merasa gw cantik di foto itu

a pretty eighteen girl (or woman) dan tulisan umur gw udah berubah.


oh ya,

1 hal lagi yang membuat hari ini aneh adalah….

hari ini adalah H-1 UAN.



one day after my birthday, which is the first day of UAN, i got two amazing surprises.

First, from Tepi and Felciq. When I was studying in school hall, they came to me across the hall, sang happy birthday, and gave me a present!!!

Second, from Aya, Momo, and Devi. After the Math exam, they gave me a fake ticket to America because i had said that i want a ticket to america so i can meet david cook as my birthday present….


How nice…

love you girls



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