whasuup DC?

DC is everywhere!

after he won the title, he jumped from an interview to other interview. His story was published in many magazines.

He made a lot of news. From his date with Kimberly Caldwell (aaarrgggh! WHY?), his first album (which already reach amazon.com # 3 even he hasn’t record it), his tour with other idols, his performance in NBA when he sang National Anthem, and so on..

but the best thing is… he is in the list of People’s Hottest Bachelor.

(oh yes, he is bachelor unless he is MARRIED. so Kim Caldwell doesn’t count)

He absolutely deserves it. With his voice, his smile, his brain, his attitude… he’s the hottest bachelor I known. check it at www.people.com

another news….. he is nominated for Teen Choice Award!

just check it at www.teenchoiceawards.com and vote for David Cook as the Male Reality/Variety Star. as long as you’re 13 -19, you can vote for him EVERYDAY!

wait, I still have another news. But, it’s about us! His fans.

We call ourselves WORD NERD. It’s simply because DC call himself a word nerd. He’s so good at cross word and word search.

so, I met these people in a thread in www.david-cook.org called “INDONESIAN WORDNERDS”

and we have an idea to make a strong fan group for DC in Indonesia so one day DC can come to Indonesia and rock our world.

Here we are, WNI a.k.a. WORD NERDS INDONESIA. Our website is on progress and we can see it in a few weeks.

I ask all girls to join WNI (icem, nana, steph, and all of you) because I know that there are a lot of DC’s fans out there. If we can gather and fight, DC will realize that Indonesia loves him!


and thx for www.david-cook.org for the photo…


8 thoughts on “whasuup DC?

  1. hahaha maap, tiara, tadi keburu comment sebelum link-nya kebuka ;p ternyata login-nya pake username yang dipakai di web DC juga ya? hihihi jadi maluuu x)
    okeee, saya akan posting di forum hihihi…

  2. @fragaria…
    david cook itu yg menang american idol. rajin2 aja baca blog saya biar gk cupu. hihihi

    saya mw peluk dia! mau tau rasanya dipeluk DC

  3. Saya dah denger lagunya… yang The Time of My Life kan?
    Saya juga suka banget tuh lagunya. Orangnya juga… hehe, cakep siih..

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