it’s a girl thing…

last week, when I went home to jakarta, I went to PIM. the main purpose was to watch twilight with my sister. she had already watched it and I had not. so I ask her to accompany me..

I’m not gonna talk about the movie. even though I love it so much..!! hahaha. my favorite scene was when edward played the piano for bella. I love the song. I’m listening to that song now. again and again. and somehow it stuck in my head. hahaha.


enough about the movie.

before we watched twilight, I asked my sister, mom, and dad to go to SOGO. yeah, that department store. acually, I just wanted to see the christmas decoration. but as a girl, I love to shop (or window shopping). yeah, there were some cute t-shirt, pretty skirt, etc. but sometimes the price is irrational. I’m not gonna spend 400.000 rupiahs just for a t-shirt…

and then I found this dress….


it’s so pretty… and it’s comfortable. its brand is morgan de toi. a brand from France.

guess how much it is… the price tag says Rp 1.599.000

and you must think “what the….??!! she spent 1.599.000 just for a dress??”

calm down, people. I’m not crazy. if my dad gives me 1.599.000, I’m gonna use it for something better. like.. the chelsea’s original shirt maybe? home and away. hahaha.

I found that dress in the SALE section. and guess how much it is after discount??

Rp 99.000

yeah… from 1.599.000 to 99.000

hahahaha. how lucky I am!

a lil’ bit irrational, I think. I have some hypotesis for how come a 1.599.000 dress can become a 99.000 dress

  1. that dress was made 10 years ago.
  2. that dress was made 20 years ago.
  3. SOGO is lying about the price. maybe the real price isn’t that expensive.

hahahaha. I love shopping. I love SALE. and the most important thing is

I love being a girl.

cause if you’re a girl, you’re free to talk about shopping and sale and twilight and edward cullen =p


7 thoughts on “it’s a girl thing…

  1. gotta say i dont really like the movie, though i love the super hot emmet cullen 😀
    btw, i still think morgan de toi has probably gone into receivership, ha! 😀

  2. if morgan has gone into receivership, why does its website still exist??
    and.. how come you know a word like “receivership”? I have to check on my oxford just to make sure..

  3. ha! I already watched twilight and sadly, i have to agree with melati that the good things about twilight are Edward Cullen’s gorgeous look, killing music, great editing, and photographic scenes. I just love Paramore – decode….

    I get the fact that it is a fiction, but still I can’t help laughing at the over-reacted (please, interpret as “lebay”) lines and some scenes.

    Nice dress, Ti.. I have to admit.

  4. 1. Watching twilight made me feel gay
    2. They always raise the prices before discounting them. But i think you got a great bargain anyways (I’m talking about shopping.. more gay… >.<)
    3. Happy holidays!

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