love-hate part 1

I’m inspired by Alien’s blog. and because I don’t have stuff to talk about, so I’ll tell you about things that recently I love or I hate


  1. my boyfriend’s new hamster. OMG, he’s so cute… (the hamster, not my bf. hahahaha. XP)
  2. my class in FTSL. you’re the best guys…
  3. the fact that my brother will come back to indonesia next month.
  4. my room. I can spend all day long here.
  5. my blog and my tumblr.
  6. farfalle pasta


  1. final exams. eeerrrrrgh!!
  2. the fact that I have to leave my best friends in my class
  3. weird bands in TV
  4. sariawan. sumpah ya gak sembuh sembuh… huhuhu

3 thoughts on “love-hate part 1

  1. @lynn : macem kuburan band ituu. hahaha

    @mac : nasib hoki lo? menurut penerawangan mama tiara, hoki lo yang tinggal sisa stengah itu akan berguna kalo dibagi bagi ke gw. huhuhu. jadi apa nilai gw ini.

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