a hello before this year ends

Hello readers! This is tiara, blogging from her nice comfy house at Limo-Cinere, Depok. Due to my poor internet connection here, I access internet only from my blackberry. But today, I feel the urge to write so here I am. Aaaah I miss wi-fi connection in my kosan at Bandung.

After the opening ceremony of Olimpiade VI KM ITB 2011, I feel a little bit relieve. I’m so proud with my Opening-Closing team for how they could handle big change an hour before the ceremony begins. I was standing in the middle of  Saraga football court and I saw the himpunan parade, aaaaah I thought I’m gonna cry! After all, that was a tense situation. For an hour, saraga was in my control. Until now, that fact is still kinda ‘WOW’ me hahahaha.

I hope i didn’t upset anyone in Opening Ceremony. That’s our first impression for Olimpiade VI KM ITB 2011 and I hope that’s good enough. There’re flaws everywhere but I think I can fix it at the closing ceremony.

And now in my house, there’re five of us again for this year Christmas! My family’s Christmas tradition is very simple. We go to Christmas Eve’s mass then we have dinner together. At Christmas day, we go to my father’s brother house to eat delicious food hahaha. But I feel the difference from last year Christmas in myself. For the last couple months, I more often speak to God and I know He always give me lessons in every situation. That’s how He answer my prayer.

And here I am, enjoying my short holiday without thinking about anything! It’s fun because 2010 has been a busy year for me. It feels good to spend my last week in this year by doing nothing but having fun.

Well, I think that’s it for today. I’m sharing a little story of my days in English. So long since I wrote a full English blog post. This is because the past few days I’ve been chatting with Nicky in English via bbm and I think I need to get used to this ‘curhat bahasa inggris’ thing. Hahaha

So, see you next year readers!


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