the music in me

I don’t think I have a special interest to any music genre. I love songs from many genre, pop to rock to R n B to hip hop to country. Maybe you will say that I have no taste in music. For me, I love particular song. Maybe I don’t like the artist but the song has singable lyrics and catchy melody. Or I can be a big fan of that artist, but her/his song just annoying or boring.

The problem is most of the songs that I listened to are songs from the radio. You can say those are mainstream songs. I don’t listened to indie songs. I only know the bands and listen to one or two of their songs. Maybe I have to learn to like them hahaha.

Being a General Manager in a radio, people sometime ask me about a particular song. What the title is or who sings that song. Luckily, I love new songs. Every time I hear new song in the radio, I try to find out the title and the singer. Sometime, I ask it to my sister. She’s the Music Director in 8EH so she’s like a walking encyclopedia of music. She has a totally different taste in music with me, but she knows a lot.

I found a several weeks ago (my sister suggests it to me) and I like it. The website reviews newest song and album every day. Well yes, mainstream songs.

And now my memory’s rolling back to several weeks ago in Keslingker class. I were sitting next to Soritua and as usual, instead of paying attention to Bu Ogi, we put our earphone on. The difference was we switched our HP so I listened to his playlist and vice versa.

Then he told me : “ini sih isinya lagu galau semua!”

Besides all of mainstream songs, my playlist is full of Sheila on 7, Secondhand Serenade, and Taylor Swift. I love songs that represent what I feel. I love songs that can accompany me in every moment of my life. I love songs that can make me feel like I’m in the movie of me. I love songs that can tell the world about my life.

Yeah, I think that’s my genre. The me genre. HAHAHAHA.

P.S. Right now, I love Arms – Christina Perri. Check the lyrics music video!


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