where’s the impulsive version of me?

I need a rush. I need a dose of adrenaline. I need new stories to be told in this blog. I need excitement.

A week of final exam, an obligation to be a great college student and a great daughter. When all we talk about are only about the test, when we’re gonna study for the test, complain about the test. I need new story to be talk about.

I miss the impulsive me. Lately, i think too much. I over-analyze everything, I over-think everything. I want to meet and interact with new people. I want to fall in love with new people, for God’s sake. I spend too much time to adore this one guy who will never see me.

I spend too much time in front of this laptop. I want to go out. Run, move my body, swim (although i can’t swim at all). I need to laugh at myself. I need to go out and have fun with my friends, not only watch DVDs in my room.

All of those complains begin with ‘I’

I think I get bored with myself.


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