out of my comfort zone

Yesterday, I was hanging out at my ‘himpunan’ after finished my to do list. Earlier that day, I was very busy. Final test, announcing, meeting at 8EH, and meeting at workplace. Then at 3 p.m, I had nothing to do.

My friend, Neng, wanted to go to ‘Rumah Hantu Ambulance’ at Festival Citylink and I asked if I can joined. Suddenly Soritua asked me :

Lo bisa jalan jalan ti? Bukannya kerjaan lo cuma rapat, siaran, ngurusin 8EH, sama ngurusin KM?

Maybe he’s right. I spend too much time on meeting and organizing and studying. I can’t find time to hang out or watch movies or having dinner or enjoying sports with my friend. The best that I can do with them is studying together. It feels good to loosen up. Hanging out, chatting, teasing, and having dinner together. ‘Rumah Hantu Ambulance’ was a great way to scream, tease, laugh and I enjoyed all of that.

I’ve been enjoying my ‘organizing and meeting’ time too long.

And it feels good to jump out from my comfort zone.


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