the world of social media

yes I tweet a lot. yes, i have more than 2000 followers. But I know nothing about social media, at the beginning.

Back at 2 months ago, I read a job vacancy on announcement board next to oktagon. Pretty weird actually, they were looking for part time employee and the requirement : active in social media (twitter, facebook), and using smart phone. Well, that’s me! Hahahaha.

Matter of fact, I need extra money and I think maybe it deserved a shot. So I emailed my CV and after 2 weeks they contacted me to have written test and interview. My very first job interview! The good thing is I have friends like Nicky Satrio, Michiko Putri, Fahmy, and Adiska Fardani who helped me. Without them, I think I couldn’t passed the test.

Yes, I passed the job test and here I am. Social Media Strategist for is a community started from an interactive website. The purpose is to promote ITB to high school students who want to continue their study in ITB. People behind it are ITB alumni. They need a person who can handle their social media account and that person is me! Hehehehe.

I’m in marketing team and my daily job is to tweet. Sound simple? Well, think twice. The twitter account @masukitb had 6500 followers when I take over it for the first time. And high school students have a BIG curiosity. They ask a lot! Other than that, I have to make tweet series or well known as kul-twit. And it takes a long time to make.

In the first 3 days, @masukitb’s followers increased about 300 followers. That’s pretty amazing, and I’m proud of myself hahaha.

First, I think this is a simple job. But then Adiska explain about the theory and strategy. My boss also gave me couple tips and trick to handle a twitter account. Then I learn from several website and yeah, social media strategist is really a job. Right now, people looking for great social media strategist for their brand or company. This era of communication needs this.

This job is pretty interesting. I learn to profiling group of people, trying to know what they want to know, being more patient than ever, and sharing information. Yes, it has no correlation with my study but who knows, right? This is a demanding job and if I can use this as an experience, it will be very useful!

Hopefully, I can do my best for this job. It has been a month and I enjoy it 🙂


3 thoughts on “the world of social media

  1. That is so cool, congrats! 🙂
    I’m so jealous because you’re doing something you like as a job. I want to do something like that, too. I guess I’ll have to tell myself to grow my passions, huh.

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