Precious and Rare


left to right : Melati, Tiara, Ireng

Since I was a kid, my mom told us to stick to each other. My parents don’t have the same blood in their vein, but we have. We should protect each other, we shouldn’t talk behind each other’s back, we should support each other. Even when my parents are not in the same opinion or agreement, we’re the one who responsible to unite this family again.

First, I thought our relationship is normal. Later on, I find out that what we have is precious and rare. Other people forget their sibling’s birthday, talk behind their back, make a fake smile, or simply don’t want to talk to each other again. Maturity lead them to those things.

I’m thinking about what will happen when all of us get married and live at different house. I wish we can be like the big family in Parenthood or Modern Family. Not the conflict scene, but the gather together at the weekend, bring our children and they play with their grandparents at our yard, and so on.

That will be great.

My parents come from a big family with a lot of sibling. Me? I’m pretty happy with this not-so-small family consist of five people.

So, if you’re the 30-years-old Tiara who is reading this blog post because you have a problem with your ‘not-so-small’ family, just remember this. What you have is precious and rare.


18 years ago


present days


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