what’s happening?

Richita asked me once: “what is exactly are you doing, ti?”

Yeah, sometimes I sneaked out from fun activities or looking busy during lab works or too much saying “I have to meet a person” in front of my friends. Yes, I have other activities beside classes and final project. It isn’t organizational or committee activities. I have jobs.

Do you realize that I put an ‘s’ behind ‘job’? Yes, for now I have more than 1 job. They aren’t full time. They aren’t behind-the-desk jobs. But, they really give me big time of experiences and new friends too!

Holding multiple jobs + classes + final project isn’t that hard. Especially when you don’t plan to be graduated so early just like me so you have quite much spare time. I try to make routine schedule of it so I won’t miss my responsibilities. A little confusing at first but for now I get used to it.

Sounds like my old committee & organization activities, isn’t it? Maybe. But now it has bigger stake. You have a job, you get paid. I remember what my mom said when I got frustrated because of my committee problems back then. She said ” you can’t complain, honey. Because all of you work voluntarily.” Well, now my boss can complaint to me if I don’t get the job done because he’s paying me! Fair enough.

Having all these jobs while doing final project is another challenge for me. My parents allow me to work but they ask me about my final project EVERYDAY. Like really everyday. Come one, I can’t get a new result of my lab work by a day. But I get them. They just want to make sure that I don’t waste my time. Honestly, I don’t make a lot of progress this month. I feel so guilty that I feel I have to get back to that lab as soon as I can.

For now, I really like my jobs because they are my passion (or what I think my passion is). Doing all of those keeps me alive. They put smile on my face everyday. Am I gonna do that kind of job for my life? I don’t know but there’s possibilities. I’m thinking about a bigger scope of what I’m doing right now. So, I will still doing what I love but it will make a bigger impact. Maybe that’s a good idea.

For you who still don’t know what my jobs are, here they are. I’m managing its content, editing its articles, and tweeting via this account.

Well, my life just got more interesting day by day. Hey, that’s a must 😀


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