Negativity is contagious

Several days ago, I was in my PMS mood. That’s the worst mood in a month. Everything in my life was wrong. All of my friends were wrong. They said one word and it was wrong. Aaaargh, that was absolutely not a really good time. But, it was couple days in a month. It means nothing because that’s my hormone’s talking. And, I’m not gonna talk about that in this posting.

I’m just saying that when I was in my PMS mood (which makes me very very negative), I tend to avoid people. Being negative is irritating. You can only see the bad version of anything. You make boundaries in your mind. It’s like if you don’t do this, then you’re wrong. You don’t try to see a thing from other’s point of view.

The worst thing about negativity is how contagious it is.

Once it spreads, you will have a hard time to avoid it. People around you will talk about how bad that thing is without trying to see it from other’s point of view. You can choose whether stay with those people or take a step away for a while. I choose to step away from them for a while. It doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be friends with them. It’s just I love being positive.

Thanks to my mom who always remind me for being a positive and open minded person. Those are the key to a happy life.

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