Dream on



It was an unexpected meeting. I’ve never dreamed of facing her again, even in my wildest dream. No, not since graduation day.

“Lio? Wow, you’ve changed. You are…..different”

She’s still the same. Beautiful, with spark in her eyes. 10 years felt like a blink. Memories from college rolled back, and I was smiling.

“Ten years is a long time. So, yes I’ve changed. Where have you been?”

“Errr work?” She chuckled. “It’s a work visit. What about you? What are you doing here?”

“This is my wife’s hometown, so yeah I’ve lived here since we’re married”

“Wow. Kids?”

I shook my head. I saw her glance at my ring then stare ahead. I wasn’t sure what she’s watching. People passed by. They were walking fast, head down staring at their gadget while catching the next train. Noise that announce next train schedule was fading.

“I see no ring,”

“I haven’t meet the one who fit,” she said.

“The ring or the man?”

She’s amazing. I bet there’s a line of man waiting to be her spouse.

“This is your dream, Areta. Work suit, travelling, still looking good even though you’re tired. This is your picture of future,”

“You still remember it!”

Well, how can I forget. She wrote it everywhere. Her agenda, her bedroom wall, her little notes.

“Fishing shop? Is it real now?”

“Go out the train station, turn left,” I answered. Opening a fishing shop is my long life dream. Fishing is my passion since I don’t know when.

“But, your suit doesn’t tell that you’re working in a fishing shop,”

“Also working as an IT analyst,” I said.

“Amazing, Lio. Just as good as your dream. Work, fishing, family,”

Yeah, we got what we dreamed. Except one thing.

“This is the reason why we didn’t work out, right? We wanna live in our dream”

She smiled.

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