Intimacy, is the scent of your body unfurled into the air. It is the weave of your skin that I could feel when mine accidentally fondled yours. Intimacy, is laughing out loud on your dry, dull joke-telling attempts. It is having my hand held by you as we crossed the streets. Intimacy, is creating long discussions with you about beliefs, values, politics, food, nations, and everything you know about. It is caressing your cheeks while you are asleep.

Intimacy, is what I would like to always have with you whenever I wake up and whenever I am about to go to sleep. It is trying out a new fancy restaurant in town. Intimacy, is knowing that you press toothpaste tubes on the center of it; and I do so on the edge of it. It is getting to know the little details of you: your habits, your ramblings, your thoughts. Intimacy is, making you my muse. It is, making myself yours.

taken from #BeatsApart – “Intimacy”


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