Busy Day

I called her and she didn’t answer me. I decided to go upstairs and checked on her at her room. The light was on, her door was slightly open. I knew I should’ve knock but I insisted to come into her room without her permission. There she were. She fell asleep on her desk. She put her head on the desk, her right palm on the mouse and her left one held her cellphone.  Her laptop’s on sleep mode, just like its owner. Busy day, eh?

Hmmm. Books were on her side. It seemed she’s in the middle of writing her paper. I remembered when she told me once about her research. Something about toxicity, something about batik, and something about waste water. I asked about it several times but she didn’t want to explain much. She worried that I will interfere and criticize her again and again. As a matter of fact, that’s the way I show my attention to her.

I didn’t know that much about her research but I knew that she worked very hard on it. She might no be the best in her class but she’s full of determination. She wanted to be recognize and I knew that this research will help her. No matter how hard it is, she won’t give up.

Her phone suddenly rang and she woke up. She realized that I was there all the time. I heard her murmur, “Dad, what are you doing here?”



(membuat cerita tentang diri sendiri dari sudut pandang seorang ayah yang sebenarnya gak mungkin ayah saya seperti ini :p)


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