enjoy aja

My mom educated me to be an adaptable person. She told me to enjoy every minute of life whatever the condition is. How strange the place is, how weird the food is, how awkward the conversation is, or how new the environment is.

Unique authentic food but you can’t eat it because it’s different from your daily rice-with-side-dishes

A group of inspiring people but you can’t get to know them because you’re too afraid without your best friend at your side

Nearby place that have all what you need but you don’t want to go there because you haven’t been there before and your friends are busy so they can’t accompany you

Not taking a once in a lifetime opportunity because you’re too comfortable with what you have right now: well known friends and everything’s in a click.

I might not thrilled about everything I did but at least I enjoy every moment of it.

I’m tired of listening to your complaint.



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