this is a bribe

One more month.

One more month and you’ll be free, tiara.

I’m not in the mood to talk about my final project, but I’m excited to talk about the rewards after I finish it. This isn’t rewards from my relatives, this is from me to myself. After all, the bribery process is part of the planning process, right?

To be honest, I’m not used to any kind of rewards. But I need more motivation other than “get a title” to finish this thing so I try to make some “bribes” for my own sake. It’s not a tangible one. Well, if you asked me, it’s more like a resolution hahaha. Never mind, I think the time to do these kind of things is what make it precious.


write a book or two. Writing is my passion but that will be a total bullshit if I don’t make a real one for once at least. I don’t care if it will be published or not, but finishing my own book will be an accomplishment. Publishing it is a dream come true.

learn how to drive. I postponed this plan since two years ago. Erghh. I have too many excuse before. A girl (or in this case, woman) in my age and can’t drive a car? It’s a shame.

buying a domain for this dearest blog. I have been having this thought for a long time but too lazy to execute it. is coming soon (hopefully).

apply for my dream job. I still considering those as ‘dream’ jobs, actually. Be a reporter to a TV news, be a part of big multinational media group, get to know more about radio industry, write for a newspaper, learn more how to manage social media. I used to hold my willingness to apply because I haven’t graduated yet. I found suitable job for me but I can’t apply. I get accepted at one of my dream job and had to let it go.

travel abroad. My best friend and I have this plan to go to Vietnam next year. Still, I don’t know if it will be real or it’s just another ‘wacana’ (khas anak ITB). I get jealous by reading my friend’s travel story and I can’t wait to write my own. I get bored by experience Jakarta-Bandung only. In case I can’t get my budget, I still want to travel to another cities in Indonesia.


That’s all.

What I have in my mind is “finish your final project, and you will get all of the time to do those things.”


3 thoughts on “this is a bribe

  1. aciee ditunggu ya nya. anyway, cant drive in our age is……..yes a shame, ayo belajar sana ti, masa suami lo yg nganter jemput besok *loh? haha

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