tiarakami.com: it’s real

The name “tiarakami” came up when I was in junior high school. My mom told me that it was the name that she prepared for me at first. But, one-word-name isn’t good for javanese people (they say). So, here I am. Indah Mutiara Kami and loving that name.

I use “tiarakami” as my username since I got to learn about internet. And I always joke about how I will use “tiarakami” as my nama panggung. Since I won’t be an actor or a singer, I always dream it as the name that will be printed on my book.

But…. because I have not written any book, I want to use it for my blog.

Having tiarakami.com is my plan since several years ago. It may sounds unnecessary because I’m not a famous people or someone who have a lot of project or anything. Hey, who knows? For now, tiarakami.com is for my sake of happiness. It will urge me to write more often and more useful post. It will remind me to never give up when it comes to chasing my dream so I can write down about my dream.

So, here I am! You can find me at http://tiarakami.com

I moved all my previous posts there. For now, you still can access my previous blog (https://tiarakami.wordpress.com) but I’m planning to redirect it there later.

One more announcement, I decide to separate my fiction writing from my main blog. Why? First, I want to write more and more fiction stories. Second, most of you who read all the “Fiction” category here assume that I’m in ‘galau’ mode hahaha. So, separating it will make a clear boundaries of my reality and my imagination in my head. You can access my short stories, poems, and other fiction writing in http://cerita.tiarakami.com

tiarakami.com will be home for my journeys, ideas, opinions, and others. I wish it could be useful for you too.

Thank you 🙂

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